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Ocean dog gate.
Jim O'Donovan

Ocean dog gate.

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Jim O'Donovan
We took our first overnight trip in our new T6 Ocean this weekend (July 2017). I was trying to figure how to stop the dogs sitting up on the bench seat and came up with this idea (I'm sure I can't be the first person to think of this).
I used the metal rear bed base as a dog gate. If you orientate it in a particular way, it is the perfect solution. I have posted a picture which I hope you can see. A simple bungee cord hooked to the rear seatbelts. That simple. It also means that you can pack luggage on the seats without the dogs slobbering all over it.
Note: The corner with the curved section is on the lower table side to avoid scratches. Make sure the rubber cover is on the top right pin to avoid scratching the table. The dog beds on the floor prevent the "gate" sliding out on the bottom. Without beds, you may need something to prevent this happening.
I hope this is of use to you.
Roger Boeken
great idea, I was looking for a solution to keep the dog on the bench during trip..

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