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How To Change the Camper Control Unit



This was very helpful when we changed out our control unit for a faulty button. However - a word of warning - our unit was different from shown in the video (and they might even mention it in the vid). Our control unit had a plastic tab/ tang on each side AND two on the top of the unit. Result - pulled the unit out, the fascia popped off with the force and one of the flex cables was damaged. We'd paid £34 for a new fascia and button off the forum - which is a great deal. Fortunately, we were recommended to a auto-electronic garage in town and he dispatched the unit to an expert in PCB fixes. Three days later and for £54 the unit returned fully functional. A bit of a hassle but a lot cheaper than buying a new one.


T6 Ocean 204
Faulty CCU potentiometer knob/button. Didn't fancy paying VW a fortune to replace the entire van interior, so:
1. Purchased a CCU fascia complete with knob/button here for £39.50.
2. Followed the CCU removal instructions in this video.
ISSUE: There are two tangs at the top of the CU, shown but not discussed in the video. I used a credit card and some patience to release those by squeezing the card into the top fascia gap. Not quick, but persevere.

Instead of a straight CU replacement, as in the video, I needed an extra few steps to replace the knob/button:
3. Released its 6 plastic fascia tangs to detach it from the CCU, using the same guitar pick I used to release the CCU tangs from the housing (pretty straightforward). This reveals a PCB fastened to the fascia by 4 screws. ISSUE: Screws are not slot head or Phillips, or any star/Allen key I have. Fortunately, a small electronics slot head screwdriver did the trick.
4. Unscrewed the PCB from the fascia (with care - it's a PCB - do not slip - do not burr the screw 'slots').
5. Removed the broken knob/button from the fascia and dropped in the new one.
6. Putting the whole thing back together is a trivial exercise - 4 PCB screws, then push-fit everything else.

Should you encounter an issue not covered here, the golden rule is do not force anything, plastic and electronics are both pretty delicate.

Abbrev. CCU - Central Control Unit, PCB - Printed Circuit Board.

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