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Looking at adding sidebars



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T5 SE 180
I have them. I'm not particularly practical, and I would describe fitting as a minor ballache. They offer free fitting, but when I bought mine in March I was offered an appointment in July! It's not a big deal, just a bit fiddly to cut the undertray in the correct place - probably significantly easier if you can raise the vehicle and have something like a dremel to cut precisely and easily (or just cut out big swathes so that you need to be less precise, but that didn't feel right!). They have stayed in place well, and are easy enough to clean.

When I picked them up, the chap in the shop said that they are almost identical to the OEM ones. I don't know how true that is, but I checked jacking point access before fitting and everything looked good. To be fair, the shop did also say that if I got them home, offered them up and wasn't happy about jack access then I could return them. I'll try to take a photo later.

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