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Newbie with 2020 T6.1 or late T6 Ocean build dilemma



T6 Cali On Order
Hi Billylou
Hi Zakeval. My wife and I went on a similar journey and arrived at the same place. Our longer journeys are planned to start in 2020 and we had planned to wait for a T6.1. We then looked at the price of nearly new T6, pre reg at VW, and the discounts were quite high. I then carried out the usual man maths and assumed the T6.1" might" go up in price by a few % and VW "might" not offer the same discounts. I convinced myself that it made sense and went for the T6, which we hope to pick up this week. The other influencing factor was we also concluded we could use this time, i.e in the run up to 2020, to have plenty of day trips and the odd night away which we would of otherwise missed out on. We'd also gain a lot of knowledge and experience in readiness for the long trips. Since putting down the deposit the T6.1 thing has gone and we don't even think about it. Whatever you do I'm sure it'll be right for you and your family.
Thanks for sharing your experience. We can wait till the back end of 2020 and there may be options on Ex Demo 6.1 or nearly new T6 so I’m hedging bets currently. In the meantime we are going to hire a T6 Ocean at least a couple of times for the experience.
Happy travels to you in yours too!

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