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2.4 Cali 1992 alternator/charging issue



T4 PopTop
Hi All,

Hoping for some advice or thoughts on this please.

I have a 2.4 westy 1992, LHD I've had this problem for years and wanting to get to the bottom of it.

After start up, I have the alternator belt is slipping until the indicated voltage on the centre panel reaches 13.2v. During this time the RPM gauge barely reads but will come alive once the voltage is reached.
I have changed alternators, like for like thinking that was the issue but to no avail, I believe the belt is adjusted correctly too. Typically it will always eventually come back on line once that voltage is reached but not before. The battery charge light is off straight after start as it should be it seems the alternator is charging. This also happens with the leisure batteries disconnected too.

It's baffled me for years, lost count of the amount of belts I have gone through too!

Any ideas or similar issues?