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How to delete account?



Guest User
Hi, I’m cleaning up my zombie accounts around the place. Sold my Cali several years ago and unlikely to get another. I can’t see how to delete my account here. Can one of the mods do it? Thanks and thanks for the useful info in the past.
Hi, please delete my account as I too no longer have a van, many thanks
Hello. I’d like to Thankyou for helping me sell my Cali. Thankyou.
Would it be possible to delete my account please? Can you delete all my posts/replies?
Thankyou very much for 6 wonderful years.
Could the user go through their posts one at a time deleting them before asking an admin to delete their account? Not practical for a High Post Member I know, but for just a few posts it could be done.
Wouldn’t be able to delete any quoted posts though (like this one)
Could you please let me know if my account has been deleted.

I can only log in with a hookey I.P. address, nothing wrong at my end.
Have i been sent a cookie like the ones they sell in Amsterdam?
I don’t think you would be able to post if your account was deleted
Its a bad idea to delete a users posts as it can leave all the topics they have posted in a mess.
@Loz , i don‘t think admins delete the account , they are turned in to Guest Users and all posted threads and post just stay as they are.

@westfalia , i hope a admin can help you out as this seems a rather strange issue you are having.

Remember this part of the forum is here to help people out if they have a specific problem using the forum or need help posting a advert , all other comment is not rellevant here.
As an Admin on xenforo you can fully delete and remove posts, but normally we just mark them as deleted.
I was just pointing out to those asking to be deleted and the subsequent suggestion of deleting posts that its a bad idea.
Hey there. I’ve sold my Cali and account to the forum is not required anymore. Could any admin please delete my account? Thanks Tom
I said some really silly and embarrassing things on here when I was just a teenager. Now I'm an England extreme ironing squad hopeful. Can my account be deleted?
Can I please delete my account as well and cancel re-subscription payment. I no longer have a van. My posts can be kept as they may help others. Thank you
Please delete my account as I have now sold my California, thanks