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Local California Owner?



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North Wales
T6.1 Ocean 150
Hello there!
Are there any owners in the Conwy / Llandudno area who would be willing to bring their California to our house to coincide with a new garage door survey? We expect to take delivery of our California Ocean (17inch wheels and standard wind-out awning housing) before the end of the year (provisional Build Week 39), but would like the new garage door installed before then as the installer has a current lead time of 10 / 12 weeks. Before we order the garage door, we'd really like the installer to check clearances, etc using an actual vehicle. Thanks in advance.
i just did this back in january. as long as its over 2m high including the door then its fine. my roller door rolls up behind and clear of the door lintel.
We had ours done yesterday to achieve a clearance of 2070mm. The Cali fits. Also check that the length of the garage can fit the Cali as well.
As you can see mine fits easily. If you want more pics and measurement let me know

Thank you for the very helpful replies - the installer has confirmed that clearance of 2 metres will be plenty. We will be asking for quotes for both a roller door and for a sectional door - the latter is favourite at the moment because of the better insulation.
Thanks flying banana - could you let me know the measured distance between the garage floor and the bottom of the 'roller' at the entrance? Thank you once again.
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When open I measure 2.1 metres from the floor to the bottom of the roller door. Gives a clearance shown of about 6 inch