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Looking for recommendations of good body repairers and paint garage in Liverpool, Manchester & wider Midlands area.



Isle of Man
T6 Beach 150
Hello. I've been recently involved in an accident which resulted in a huge dent in a passenger door. Need a decent quality repairer and body painter, which can obtain a new door (if needed) and restore damaged extra sound isolation. (Cali T6). Preferably with a guarantee on the paint work. Looking for recommendations in Isle of Man, Liverpool, Manchester or Midlands area. Thanks in advance.
Highly highly recommend VW Bodyshop in Coventry. They did an amazing job on my 3 month new Cali Ocean. They re did the lacquer on the whole car. Amazing job.
The 5 year ceramic that was put on, after a month, by Detailed by Dale in Atherstone, Dale has worked for Toyota paint systems for 30 years and he said the lacquer job was quality.
So to me that speaks volumes.