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Placing a Classified Advert



T4 PopTop
Here is a guide to using the classified section. Please make sure you have all the info to hand first so you can complete the Advert in one go.
No 1 click on cali's for sale.

Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 14.42.32.png
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No 2 . click place Advert

Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 14.42.53.png
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No 3 . Select a Category for your advert . ie T5 T6 beach ocean etc

Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 14.43.12.png
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No 4 . select type of Advert and payment then click confirm.

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No 5 . add all the details starting with listing title ie. VW California Ocean 2017 red.
obviously use your own van

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No 6 click continue.

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No 7 add pictures . you can drag and drop them or click select files then click preview advert.

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No 8 . click finish. Once you have done this you should recieve an email to confirm please keep this safe as it contains your edit key should you wish to make changes to your Advert.

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If you need to edit your advert please follow these instructions first click on cali's for sale then click on classifieds at the top this will bring down a box. click edit advert.

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Now add your email address that you used in the advert and your long edit key containing letters and numbers that was sent to you in your confirmation email. Then click continue.

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If you are editing on phone or tablet then click on cali’s for sale then click on the 5 bars

Then click on classifieds until a drop down box appears then click edit advert

Hi - I have noticed that I have listed my Cali Beach for sale in the T5 category instead of T6. I’m unable to change this through the amend function. Can you help please?
How long do the ‘Cali for sale’ listings last for ?
Thank you and apologies as this information was in the guide I was just being blind :p
Ahh I somehow forgot to add the mileage to my listing, I can't seem to edit it. Mileage is 59k if admin a can edit, thanks
Hi, is there anyway of changing the advert to featured?
send me a link to your add please
send me a link to your add please

Here it is thanks
i will make it featured for the weekend as you have only chosen a silver listing.

i will make it featured for the weekend as you have only chosen a silver listing.

Thanks so much, I am happy to pay the extra to change it over permanently if possible?