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Sorry Now Sold Reduced Full set of Brandrup Seat Covers Black £325


Phil S

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T6 Ocean 150
Brandrup seat covers for VW California Ocean in very good condition black £325 (new price about £750). These fit on both the T6 and T6.1. We got them just before replacing our T6 California with a T6.1 so have they have been tried on both. We have now sold the T6.1 California hence the sale of the seat covers

As seat covers they are great as the are second skin it does look as if there aren't any seat covers on and gives great protection for the expensive seats

call 07789 313531
Seat Covers.jpeg
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Says I am in America but I am in UK Hampshire not sure how to change
Are these for the Ocean/Coast or Beach?
Hi Kayleigh

Sorry For not being clear the seat coverswere On our Ocean

Do they have the headrests? Ta
Sorry for the delay missed your message earlier. Yes they have the headrests. In the picture they are on the arms of the back bench.
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If you still have them for sale, do they have the Iso fix slots?
Yes they are stil for sale. Yes you can use the iso slots through them the back seat comes in two halves back and seat iso fittings go between the two. ISO settings have been used on numerous occasions
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