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Top Gear Cali Review



I remember an episode of Top Gear, from a few years back, where the Hamster looks over the Cali. I remember it being dark grey and had a flip-down TV. Does anyone please know which series/year this was from so I can download it?

I'm not confusing it with the Fifth Gear Cali v T2 Danbury review, and it wasn't in the Top Gear motorhome racing episode.
Cannot help with the year although I think it was within the past 18 months.

Reason for that is JCT600 had it on the forecourt in York 8 months ago.

It clearly had plenty of use and was a ridiculous price!

Dunno perhaps try looking for it on youtube or something
Can't find anything on YT.

I must have seen every Top Gear several times and I can't remember one on there.