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Vacuum cleaner


Gone, but not forgotten!
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Okay this might be taking domestic nerdery a bit far but just picked up one of these:

(the cleaner, not the chair)


A Miele 5261 Cat and Dog Premium (!!) cleaner, mainly for Cali duties as it does seem to get a fair hammering inside from our various beach outings and general daily use. We also have a full set of mats to protect the floor (and make it cosier!) which need regular attention.

Anyway it's VERY good indeed! Mega powerful, has a mini turbo brush which is ideal for floor duties, is very quiet and also does a rather good job in the house (we have a decent Sebo upright but it's not as easy to move around).

I shall now return to my fascinating life...
KernowLad we have the same Miele and it is excellent. :D

Sounds like yours has to earn its keep with your Cali. :thumb
Yep, we've just got one - marvellous in every way!

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