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Which Drive Away Awnings with this requirements list...?



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Update and warning!

Well, so this happened - and this is a warning to anybody calling Vango. We had some questions about the Vango range of awnings and wanted to discuss them. After a struggle to get any response from Vango, we received an email from AMG (their parent company) which gave us a number to call. The chap who I spoke to was very good. However, when our phone bill arrived we discovered we'd been charged over £32.00 for this.

Every email complaining about this has been ignored by Vango, or finally answered late and inappropriately after multiple chases, and every attempt to phone the parent company AMG results in every phone option being unmanned so that's impossible too.

So be careful of calling Vango numbers. And does anyone know how to get any decent customer service from Vango?
Wow how long was the phone call ?