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Advice requested



As new owners of a T6 (standard model) we are after advice from Cali owners. We mistakenly bought a Galli 3 awning that for us faces the "wrong" way i.e. designed for a RSV such as a California. What we'd like to know are the pros & cons anyone may have experienced, especially issues around being asked by sites to pitch their awning on a specific side, as one option would be to drive forwards into a plot and pitch the awning to the left. We're new to campervanning and so not sure to grin and bear it with what we've got OR (as it has not even been taken out of the carry bag) try to re-sell at a loss and buy the correct awning.
Thanks in anticipation of any wisdom.

PS - of course we could keep the awning and buy a Cali !
I can give my thoughts from having a standard Galli and a Cali; so complete opposite to you but the same issue.
It makes absolutely no difference to it’s utility, never caused a problem at a site, set up is fine. The main difference is nose in vs nose out but actually we probably prefer having the boot at the entrance to the awning rather than the nose; easier access. I think if you were being pedantic then the positioning of the sliding door is very slightly different on the drive away porch bit but that matters not at all.
We bought the standard Galli because we got a great deal on it but if we were to do so again would probably go for the standard over the RSV out of choice.
Certainly wouldn't contemplate paying more or losing money to change. It’s a great awning by the way.
Can thoroughly recommend buying a Cali though, if you’re looking for an excuse!
wouldn’t worry about it.

We have the Galli RSV, but tend to put on the passenger side anyway (only gets used on longer trips) & we park the van in the centre of the plot.

The awning tunnel gets used for storage of surfboards etc. We then sit under the roller awning and watch the world go by.

We always tend to stay at sites that don’t have marked plots, so avoid all the rules about which way the van should face etc.
Never had a problem on campsites that have a "Pitch Parking Rule" once you point out that it is a VW California with the sliding door on the "wrong" side, even on the C&MH sites with their white peg.
Many thanks for taking the time to reply, this has put our minds at ease and we will likely as not go with what we have.