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Campingaz Canister - how old is too old?

Spare 904 in the van, spare 907 in the garage at home. Run the main 907 in the van until its done and then the 904 keeps me going until I get home.
Myself and a few others on here have been doing this for ages, not to save money but to have the reassurance of always having a near full cylinder on board. The tare (empty) weight of the cylinder is about 3.7kg and is stamped on the base: you just have to fill it to that plus 2.7 kg* for butane. You can fill with propane and some Campingaz cylinders are stamped to indicate they take 2.5kg* propane but you seemingly can't top up a part full propane cylinder with butane as the pressure is higher. All parts are available from BES plumbing supplies - pm me if you want details.
* I always limit to 2.5kg butane / 2kg propane.View attachment 94893View attachment 94894

Just to add, if using propane you might want to replace the Gok cylinder adapter on your Cali. The standard blue one blows off at about 14 bar, Gok make a propane red one with a higher blow off pressure 30 bar or so. Pure Propane will reach 14 bar at 40 ish degrees C.

Standing your 907 at an angle makes it harder to overfill. You could use a leveling ramp.
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If anyone is living or passing by Seaton in Devon there is a hardware store closing down on the 30th September and they are selling empty 901,904 and 907 Campingaz cylinders for £5 each.

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