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Carpets rear boot

the carpet is not too thick, so it doesn't nterfere with moving the rear seat or drawers




Sorry site search is broken, so created new thread —

I have the wood effect floor. Looks lovely but now questioning practicality for boot space and carrying odd shape cargo . I’m guessing it won’t be long before it gets awfully scratched from sharp edged stuff sliding around in the boot like on an ice rink.

Tips and recommendations please for rear carpet or ways to secure items in the vast boot area.

Thank you all
We have covered the boot space with artificial grass cut to fit. Things don’t move around in there and adds a nice bit of colour when you open the boot!!
altho just noticed it doesn't fit 6.1 models - boo!
Other than rear bench needing to be slid forwards about 25mm ( the bench on a T6.1 sits about that much further back on a T6.1 v T6) can anybody think of any reason why it wouldn't fit?
I have the wood effect floor, initially used a Brandup mat over it then added the Space Mate, so wood floor now well protected. Do question why I ticked the wood floor option as never see it with front carpeted also.