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Faulty Isotop V?



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T5 SE 180
Hi all,
To those of you who have fitted one of these, do I have a velcro issue?
I'm waiting on the Cali group shop calling me back about this.

On the Isotop at the front top there are only 4 velcro pads and yet I've inserted 5 pads into the roof, as per instructions.

The middle tab is the one with no velcro point on the isotop. The outer two seem to have the velcro on the wrong side of the isotop so the tabs are inside the liner.

I'm wondering if I have an incorrectly made isotop?


Hi @CaliGem, I have recently bought a isotop mkv, and having followed a few videos thought it all seemed straight forward enough. However, I have the same query as you with the outer front velcro on the inside, did you get an answer to this?

Hi yes, it was faulty so they swapped it once I sent it back. There must be a dodgy batch.
Does anyone else have a isotop mk5, as I'm being advised by Brandrup/dealer that the velcro should be on the inside of the isotop for the outer front? I've seen videos of the mk6 that seems to show it on the inside so seems wrong to me..

@CaliGem I don't suppose you have kept any of your correspondence?

If you google say 2018 Brandrup Catalog you can download or view the photos from the manufacturer showing the isotope V fitted. From what I can see both V and VI versions have the outer most tab on each side inside the isotop with any other tabs on the outside.
To update this as well, Campervantastic, after speaking to Brandrup, have said this is just the way they are. Have to admit for such as expensive product, not super impressed with fitment, huge gaps across the tops and the tabs on the front just doesn't look right.

Interested to know if others are fitted in a similar manner. Brochure seems to show them inside, but not twisted like this.



Undo the bottom from the velcro and reattach it an inch to the right & all those creases will disappear,

You are not far out but you've not quite got it lined up right. You could try undoing the bottom velcro all the way round & re-attach by starting at the middle in the front & work your way backwards.