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Its on a ship


Scooter BW

Scooter BW
T6 Ocean 150
Hi all,
1st post, I have just been informed that my Ocean has been built, is on a ship somewhere and should be with the dealer by the end of next week. Ordered it at the end of September, it was inferred it would be with me before the dreaded 1st April Tax hike deadline but alas was not. Hopefully will pick it up the week after next. Please could someone give me advise on what to expect when I collect it from the dealer. Are they likely to go through the operation of absolutely everything and more importantly how meticulous do I need to be at checking over the Van? Is there a tick sheet the dealer will go through, what are the important items that need special attention? Hopefully several forum members who have recently collected a new California will from experience know how they approached the big day.
Hi and welcome ,
there is a list in the downloadsection holding the things to look out for when dooing the handover also need to check if every bit that needs to there is actually in the Cali
Read thru some posts from others who had theire Cali deliverd recent and you get a general view of how it supposed to go .
There are some handovers that have been not the way it should , no explanation on the campingstuff,etc... it depends on the dealer and his knowledge ...
Hello and welcome!
Handover from the dealer is what you make it (as it is when buying any new car). It also depends a little on the dealer but is your money you are spending! So make the handover what you would like it to be. What do I mean by that? Well, obviously there is all the admin - that's all pretty straightforward but a Cali is a complex bit of kit - certainly not your average car and you need to be happy when you drive away that you have not left questions unanswered and in the knowledge that you know how it all works. For me I used it as a learning experience. I had 71 check points which included: Questions about how things worked (ask for demos and you should try it with the dealer too if you are not comfortable!). Lots of where is/are questions. Obviously check that all the options you ordered are correct and that all the loose goodies (tables chairs etc are all present and correct). I am pretty fastidious and I drove away from my dealer with no issues. Nothing unexplained, nothing missing, no ambiguities - result. Drove home with biggest grin ever! My handover took about three hours which for me was time well invested. I will tell you that when my dealer knew I had 71 check points his only reaction was "Well we better get started then!!" I decided to make it part of the Cali experience. I was very lucky to have a dealer who was able to deliver to my level of expectation.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing that you had a great day. :)