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Jerba Campervans Midge Screens

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Hey everyone, Summer has arrived… and so have the midges!!
Why not have a browse of our online shop and pick up our midge screens for T5, T6, T6.1
Keep out the pesky midges with the tried and tested midgeproof mesh! Fitting only VW original windows.

Here is a link to our Shop
Also a YouTube video showing the Midge screens in action.
We installed your Jerba midge screen on our t5.1 for the first time yesterday on the Isle of Skye as the judges are really bad there at the moment and had a major problems when the midges got in through the screen, checked and installed as per your video but did not stop the little critors, seem to actually be able to make it through your mesh
We are really surprised to hear about your problems with our midge screen. The mesh within is specifically chosen because it will keep out midges of any size.
Can you please give us a call as we would love to get this sorted for you.
01620 890374

All the best,
The Jerba team.
Could you please post an update when resolved? I’m just looking for midge protection rn. Thx!
Could you please post an update when resolved? I’m just looking for midge protection rn. Thx!
Hi Ian,
Keen to see if we can help you with your midge protection problem !
Please give us a call on 01620 890374

Many thanks,
Jerba Campervans
They get in the tiny vents at the top of the roof so either you need to put tape or midge mesh over those too. Also they can come in on you.
We use net curtain material with six strong magnets. Price less than £10 per window. In our experience 100% midge proof. Fits any window of any size in any van and does not require an expensive space hungry bag. Can be scrunched up into any small space.
I just retrofitted the mesh in the vw screens that came with the van with midge mesh. A very simple job, agree on the mesh and magnets, a good solution too.

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