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New owner Grand Calif and question (again) about fuse location



Grand California 600

Thanks for this forum, very useful !

I had a T6 California, loved it ! My first Van.
Just decided to move to the Grand California. I know it will not be pefect, but I wanted to try it and see by myself.

I have however a first question : besides the fuse box dedicated to camping use in the rear luggage compartment, and besides the fuse box at the left of steering wheel, I understood there is a third fuse box located below left seat (driver seat, as I am in Belgium). I cannot find this 3rd fuse box under the seat. Has anyone a picture of it ?

I ask the question because my lighter 12V does not work anymore, and I am searching for the right fuse... :)

Many thanks and enjoy the road !
You should find the fuse box under a flat black plastic cover to the rear of the left front seat box. Push the seat as far forwards as possible and access the fuse box from above behind the seat. You are looking for a 20A fuse but I cannot be certain which of the two fuse mounting it will be in. The smaller one is designated SD the other is SB, as a guess the fuse could be either of these SD5, SD7, SB6 or SB9