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Off Grid 2L Air Fryer



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T5 SE 180
Hopefully the collective forum knowledge can help me out here.

As mentioned on another thread, I recently purchased a small Salter 2L 1000w Air Fryer, for use on short trips when we have EHU (we have a larger kitchen set up for long holidays but needs the drive away awning which I only take on longer trips). The Air fryer is small enough to be used inside the Cali when the weather is bad. The unit is here:

I was thinking about the potential to use the air fryer off grid, which of course would require the use of a portable power bank. Go Outdoors have the Eco Flow Delta 2 or River 2 Pro both for reasonable prices. Would either of these be any good to power the air fryer? If so, which one would be best?

Also, whereabouts in the Cali do people store these things? Looks to me like the best place would be in the boot, perhaps with some sort of cable run from the boot to the living area.

We use the Anker c1000 solix. Stores between the front two seats nicely. Charge it whilst driving.
In the end I went down the River 2 pro route. I want to set it up semi permanently in the boot so I always have 230v power. If I leave it plugged in permanently in the 12v socket with the charge limited to 4A via the app is this safe? I plan to run a 230v extension from the Ecoflow to the Cali lounge so I can plug in a toaster, air fryer etc when off grid.