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P2006 error - coil and EML light came on, limp mode, but now cleared?



T6 Beach 150
I'm not having much luck currently - I seem to fix one problem and then another appears.

On Friday I popped out in the van for a short trip - 8 miles or so. Stopped for 10 mins, and when I started the van to drive home the coil light came on and the van went into limp mode. I made it home, by which point the EML light was also on.

Plugged a cheapo OBD scanner in and had the following error "P2006 Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed Bank 1a"

I've googled this and it seems to be a generic code, and I really need to hooking up to VDCS for diagnostics (it's booked into a van centre for Thursday). I read one post suggesting that the inlet manifold needed replacing ££££ :(

On Sunday - coil light had gone, no limp mode, but EML still on.

This morning, no lights on at all, not in limp mode and all appears to be normal again - drives fine.

The van has been in 2 garages during the last 3 weeks - once for water pump and cam belt, then VW for a service and DSG oil change.

I'm hoping it's as simple as a knocked or faulty sensor but knowing my look, it'll be worse case!

For context - 2016 150 DSG with 69k miles
Thanks Perfectos - I guess there are so many possibilities for these kinds of problems that I'll just have to wait until it goes into the garage. The waiting / not knowing is the worst part!!
Part number of the connector : possible issue , but the cheapest / easiest to eliminate from the equation

Running the vehicle with a faulty connector will throw up the EML and potentially put it into limp mode.

Please check the part is correct for your vehicle before purchasing on my info !
some further reading

have a look at this thread with pictures!

Latest update. Local van centre cleared the codes (there were several) and asked me to drive it until I experienced a problem again.

Shortly after picking the van up from the garage, I was pulling away from stationary and the engine was really rough, only for a few seconds, and it cleared and was OK again. I drove home 15 miles without an issue.

Later that evening, the coil light came on but the van drove fine. After leaving the van for a while, the light vanished and all was OK again.

I decided to buy a Carista and have been running a few tests today.

I have noticed that every time stop/start kicks in, if stopped for more than around 45 seconds, I get the error 15560 EGR Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance. I've cleared the code and tested it around half a dozen times - the code reappears so I think is consistent.

However the van has run fine during the day and no lights on the dash. If didn't have Carista, I wouldn't know there was something going on.

I've done a lot of reading today and found one post which has my current symptoms - 15560 error after a long stop / start but van seems to run OK. Unfortunately the post doesn't say what the fix was but he was suggesting he may replace the EGR:

I believe the EGR sends exhaust gas into the intake manifold. The original error I had from a basic code reader was P2006 Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed Bank 1a.

Now I'm seeing 15560 EGR Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance (and one occurrence of the van running rough at low revs), I'm wondering if it could be the EGR that's suspect, and over a period of time, it results in the intake manifold error.

Is this plausible or am I way off? I'll admit I'm not mechanically minded, I'm just trying to piece this together logically.
Check the pipes