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Paint protecter



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What do people think of these new paint protectors? Our new Blackberry Cali is nearly here and I am dreading maintaining the paintwork and do not want to take it to the local car wash so I contacted a professional car valeter and he has suggested that literally from the 1st day of ownership or before if the dealer will let him do it on their premises he will spend a whole day removing all the chemicals and claying the bodywork to remove all the dirt etc and then applying a solution from g-technic called c1 that will harden the paint work and protect it from swirl marks and all the other problems you get with this colour ...all for a £180 !!
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I had Optimum Opti-Seal applied to my Cali when it was pretty new. I think it's considered one of the best products by professional detailers. It makes it much easier to clean and you don't have to bother with polish or wax. Water still beads on it nearly two years after application so it's obviously still there to some degree.

I'm not sure you get as good a finish as waxing or polishing every couple of months but it's a damn sight easier!

I think you have to be pretty careful with these protective coatings. It's all in the application, so make sure you get someone who knows what they are doing. The dealerships often offer coatings when you buy but I doubt they are applied by professional detailers.
This is a very, very old chestnut and opinions vary.

I think for the perfectionist, you accept that paint needs touching up from time to time. You do not put this stuff on prominent panels if you are a hard core paint lover.

For the pragmatist, a good paint shield properly applied before you drive the van is the way to go, as modern paints chip more easily than older ones.
Just a good layer of polish every so often is one of the best ways of protecting your paintwork. Every couple of months, and it won't take long, if you keep on top of it. Always hand wash it.

Easy :thumb
BMVS-Camper-Hire said:
Just a good layer of polish every so often is one of the best ways of protecting your paintwork. Every couple of months, and it won't take long, if you keep on top of it. Always hand wash it.

Easy :thumb

I agree with Oli here, a decent wax every now and again keeps things beautiful.
I had my Calli TRIBOSed before I drove it away. By far superior to anything I've ever had done before and I've tried a few. Just a quick wipe down every time I feel up to it and the van sparkles like new. No shampoo or leathering off. I'm not lazy just very good at doing nothing. There's more important things I want to spend my time on.

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The consistent feedback that I am getting is that it is all down to the preparation ,it sounds like the professional detailers take much more care than the dealerships who tend to operate in more of a production line technique. But it does seem worth it in terms of easy care of the paintwork .
Thanks for all of the advice everybody
Having looked into supagard myself online you would have to be mad IMO to pay anywhere near the prices the dealers quote for any of this stuff. A quick search on YouTube and you see how easy this stuff is to apply and no doubt the guy applying it at the dealership will have about 5 mins to do it before he washes another 50 cars that day. Honestly you can pick up the actual supagard 100 plus treatment sponges on fleabay three for £15. All you need to to is make sure the surface is flawlessly clean, clay bar any other wax or polish off, dry it, apply this stuff (either in straight lines front to back or circular depending how fussy you are), leave it for an hour and the wipe it off. Considering vw offered me the autoglym package for £350, at that price it's definitely snake oil.

Btw I got the same scotchgard upholstery protector they all use and can of upholstery cleaner for £10 out of costco too!
Supagard is up well known as a complete rip off.
We recently got a new car; I polished and "sealed" the paint and wheels and stuck protector on the carpets. Far better than any Supagard stuff (my old BM had it some for free) and far cheaper.

I use Dodo Supernatural Hybrid (a polish and sealant) on the paint, Planet Polish Wheel seal and shine on the wheels.

Thanks to a total mess my VW dealer made of our van paint, I got them to machine polish the whole thing so the paint looks very good even after almost three years.
Am I lucky or should I ditch it.
I have found an unopened bottle of Supagard shampoo and an unopened bottle of Supagard Paint Sealer in our old garage probably came with a car my parents bought years ago.

I have a new Cali on the way and I want to clean and protect it myself even if only till I find better products.
My question is although I think the shampoo will be fine, what about the Supagard Paint sealer do you all think it may ok just to use it up for free in the meantime and in your experience is it any good even if temporary? Thanks

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