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Projector Setup Finally In Our Cali

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Hi Carl! I’m Manu, from A Coruña (Spain) I just buy a Cali 6.1 and Nebula Capsule max too, the problem I have is vwcaliforniaclub only send me orders to here if I spend 200€ or more and I only need the projector screen fitting kit, do you know some solution to this problem???

Thank you so much!
Sadly it is difficult for overseas purchases to be made, please can you DM and I will see how I can help you
If you download the 3D plans Carl uploaded you can just use any local Spanish 3D printing service online and they will send to your house. Easy beer. Assuming the upload link is still earlier in the thread.
Its not…
After three trips out in our (new to us) cali and also watching the review on California Time YouTube channel, we decided to purchase a Anker Nebula Projector so we could catch up with a few box sets on Netflix.

Purchasing the projector was easy, but working how and what to project it onto was the difficulty. I have seen various methods on the internet so thought I would have a go at designing and 3D Printing a solution that worked for us. This is the first revision I have tried and it work perfectly. I am already working on a version 2

the screen was off amazon £25 I think

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Really good ! I'm also interested in the model, could you please post it?