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Devon, UK
Hi we picked up our new California last Tuesday and have found the forum very informative and fun to read, learning from people's experience - thank you already have picked up some good pointers.

We have booked 2 wks holiday in August which we cannot wait to use our lovely Cali for however with 2 boys and a cute Cocker spaniel we desperately need seat covers which seems to be like gold dust at the moment esp in grey as we think black might be too harsh for our interior. Also a mattress topper with fitted sheet would be good any advice would be gratefully received.

I read in one of the posts that a smile comes on your face as you drive the Cali well I totally agree with this - it's a delight to drive :D
Hi welcome along the Cali sounds great where are you planning to go in August :?:
You are right I still smile everytime I drive mine after 2 years :thumb
Well with our beautiful Cali the world is our oyster !!!!!!!!!! BUT not without those seat covers !! :help Can anyone also help re the canvas on the pop up roof ?? We did read on the forum that it's not waterproof. So spoke today with local VW dealer and confirmed its water repellent not waterproof !! Is this a problem as we don't want our boys getting wet during the night if it rains :sad is it ok to put the roof down with the canvas wet ?? :thanks
The canvas sides is only really a problem in sideways rain! We've had our girls upstairs when it's been raining, and the sides do get a bit damp, but it's not really a problem unless they're resting against them. You could also get a vanarack style cover to go over the top of the roof, and that's excellent at keeping the rain off the canvas. We've got the Kyham one and that's pretty decent.

It's ok to put the roof down with wet sides, but make sure you put the roof up as soon as is convenient to allow it to dry properly. If you leave it closed & damp for a long time it will get mouldy (as will the matress)
Good morning Dave......thank you so much for your reply. Very helpful !!!!! :hello We are thinking of the roofless Cali topper as an insurance policy to ensure no leaks and to try and avoid lowering the canvas wet to avoid the damp smell and possible mould issue :thumb Any thoughts ?? The Great British weather seems to currently be from the Med :clap but we know it could change at any time. Enjoy