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Quiet today where have you been



T4 PopTop
It seems quiet on here today it must be because you were out in your Cali or looking at one in a dealers. Sun is shining. :thumb
You can see from my post good deed for the day what I have been doing.
What have you been doing or where have you been today in your Cali?
We were out for lunch and a walk with friends at Crieff. Unfortunately very overcast and murky up this end of the country (and it's just started raining). Luckily the heated seats helped warm my daughter up again on the run home !
Had lazy late start and went over to the east of Padderborn,into the woods for 3 hour walk with the hounds. Got soaking wet as got suckered into blue sky which quickly became rain! Thank goodness for Buffalo jackets. And waterproof seat covers when we got back - but why must hte dogs wait until they're in the Cali before they have a shake - :cry:

1x Land Rover with a dead V8 + 1x New V8 - Been playing since Christmas but nearly there now.
Took Triumph Spitfire out for a run in the Sun
Dug allotment
Made some trestles to store the Canoe on
Morning - went to New Forest and walked the dog
Afternoon - Went to Southampton watched the cruise ships and read the Sunday papers with a cuppa

Temp hit 18 degress and sunshine all day down here :thumb
Cycled down to Brighton sea front this morning(past the traffic jams ;-) ) gorgeous day :)
DIY this afternoon
Martin said:
I hope Steve had lunch waiting for you when you got home ;)

Afraid not! Been DIYing non-stop all day. Conscious that we now only have one DIY weekend left before we pick up our Cali ... then I imagine the DIY motivation will tail off rapidly ;-)

Linda kindly made lunch and dinner. Does my bringing her breakfast in bed count? ;-)
Had a great surf in my new wetsuit! Went in the BM yesterday, took the California on Saturday. Saw another natural grey California in the car park - Polzeath.
I slept off a night shift :boohoo and then bumbled around cooking a pork roast.
I didn't get to bed early as I watched Upstairs Downstairs and then Homeland.