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The dreaded clutch judder...



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Anyone experienced the T4 clutch judder?

I've just started getting it when pulling away in first, but only when cold. When warm it seems less apparant.

Initially I thought oil on the plate etc but trawling through Google seems to suggest they all do it?

I'm fairly sure it didn't leave the factory like that so it's unacceptable in my book.


Not feeling the Van-love today :cry:
All 3 of my T4's have done it. I've been told that all T4 clutches "are made of cheese", but unless it causes real problems I'd put up with it.
It feels rather like worn or loose engine mounts to me....the clutch hasn't slipped, and it stops as soon as we are warmed up.
Mine does it in 1st, but generally only when warm.

Hi Dan,
I changed the rear gearbox mount on mine over the winter(the rubber was flopping around loose), it has helped to give it a smoother gear change( it doesn't kangaroo after the clutch is engaged, quite as badly ).
I feel it could still do with a firmer mount, I don't know if you can get a Polyurethane bush?
Aren't clutches an engine out job?
I would see if there's any engine movement when its under load and then start with the cheaper options first.

Good luck with it.
ps, Is the fridge working now?
I had a 1.9 Westy T4 a few years back which juddered from standstill. I had the clutch replaced only to find it was the gearbox mount that had failed. Quite common apparently.

My 2.5 TDi Caravelle has juddered too from the day I bought it (2nd hand). Initially I had doom-laden thoughts of dual mass flywheel failure (causes judder) but that was 30,000 miles ago. Its still doing it, hasn't got any worse. As above ^^^ Its more noticeable when engine is warmed up.
I have a feeling clutches may involve removing the gearbox, but not really sure. It's not something I'd have a go at... It's easy enough to work around the problem, just let the revs build a little before pulling away - so I don't worry about it.

Just replaced the fridge controller, testing it at the moment before mounting it properly. I do seem to have a cold fridge :clap

Picked up the bus last night from the garage. Rear engine mount was shot to bits. Now the judder has gone (almost - both front mounts are a bit worn).

Fuel timing was adjusted plus a few other tweaks.

Feels like a new van. :cool:

I must give Scotty a mention at Scotty's Van Centre in Bicester.
There is nothing this man doesn't know about T4's. He goes the extra mile to get it right.

Da Pod.
Rear engine mount was shot to bits

Good news. Was it a big (ie expensive) job?
Now that depends on what you consider expensive.

No I don't think so. The rear engine mount is £90 to buy plus the dreaded VAT.
Chuck in the labour and it all seems pretty reasonble.

Well worth it for a bus that rides like new :bananadance :bananadance :bananadance

Just trying to source some new fronmt mounts. Obsolete I believe?