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Clutch judder - no more



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I replaced the two front engine mounts last week having replaced the big rwd one last month.

Wow! What a difference. No more clutch judder. Smooth as a smooth thing :D

Just make sure you use the correct ones for the age of your van. They were changed I believe to a hydro-elastic type around 94/95.

These are the same both left and right. Cost approx £60.
The T4 has no dual mass flywheel so it tends to be quite hard on mounts. If you've done a few miles then it's probably ready for some TLC.


As previously posted, I do suffer from the judders :eek: but generally manage to drive around it by letting the revs build up first.

How difficult is the job to do? Bare in mind I'm not sure which end of a hammer is which.

How's the fridge?
Difficulty? I'm not sure, I had my people do it.

I do know it involves dropping the engine slightly at the front. The labour was only £60 so it shouldn't take more than an hour. Well worth it for a nice smooth drive.

Fridge is behaving itself from a cold beer point of view although I'm not convinced it's not an electronics bug.
There is something funny going on with the charging/battery level on the overhead panel.

With the fridge on all last weekend it refused to show fully charged on a hook-up which is odd.
My gut feeling is telling me the fridge is pulling current all of the time.

Switch off the fridge and the batteries show full whack. Switch it on and the level starts to fall away quickly.

I need to investigate further.

Ta. Maybe something for the next service.

Do you have the Penguin replacement fridge electronics?

I haven't been away long enough without a hookup to be sure yet, but it feels like the replacement electronics do drink more electrical juice than the old one did, it sounds like it is running more frequently, but I never really paid much attention before.

We managed 5 days with the fridge on at the end of the summer last year ( + lights, + heater on 1 evening), I need a holiday to test this ;)
No, the electronics are still the original Danfos unit.

I'll rig up an ameter and do some tests. The fridge doesn't seem to be running more than is should but something is deffo using power when it's not running.

My van seems to have gone all Diva on me !!