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Victron Orion Dc Dc charger upgrade



T5 SE 180
So I've been isolating and fancied a new project so I went ahead and ordered the bits I needed for a split charge upgrade.

The leisure batteries are original from my 2014 cali Se. They do ok but when driving from site to site in the past the current split charger system struggles to keep them sufficiently charged even with a 100w solar and as we tend to camp without hookup we have had to cope with low battery levels before. hopefully no longer.

I decided on the Victron Orion-tr smart 12/12-30A Isolated Dc-Dc charger - Ori12136120.

I chose this charger due to the fact I already had a victron solar charger and love the Bluetooth interface app. The price at £215 and it has inbuilt smart alternator capability.

Thanks to Loz thread below which was a massive help.

I started out by disconnecting all 3 batteries, then removing the seats to expose the underneath as per Loz's great guide. The Victron Orion was much bigger than I had first realised and I soon realised I wasn't going to be able to install it under the passenger seat.

So I ordered 2m more 16mm red cable and pushed a rod under the 2 seats and ran the battery cable under. With all the connections fitted and common neutral fitted the job was complete and everything working. Happy dazy hopefully and end to my power woes.

Shopping list
2m 16mm pvc battery cable red
1m 16mm pvc battery cable black
VTE 956 series terminal insulator 2 way
VTE positive power distribution post
Copper tube terminals 16mm 6mm hole
50 amp maxi blade fuse
60 amp midi fuse and inline midi fuse holder
heat shrink*
Crimp tool*

Hope this helps anyone thinking about doing the same.