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Visit to Provence, recomendations?

I second the recommendations for Verdon, but especially the Luberon with its very pretty hilltop villages including Gordes. The ochre hills of Rousillon are amazing
Also the city of Arles, which inspired Van Gogh. Mont Ventoux is also worth a visit.
Verdon sounds a must as does the Luberon which I see on the internet has 28 villages. I wont even try to see them all but will pick 2/3. Thanks for your input.
And the old abbey of Senanque, of course! Largest romanesque abbey in Western Europe still standing. Hidden in a beautiful valley full of lavender. So out of the way it was never ransacked during war or destroyed during the reformation, as so many other beautiful medieval abbeys were.


I was very lucky to be lodged there for a week once, while we were performing at the Avignon Festival. All we had to 'pay' was to sing the Gregorian plain chant even songs of the days we stayed there, in their beautiful chapel, before we went off to Avignon for the night's performance at the Festival there.
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Gorges de la Nesque with Mont Ventoux in the distance. Fantastic place but be prepared for some hot weather, average of 37 degrees C next week.Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.39.24.png
Agree with what everyone has said about Verdon - stunning and should not be missed! Moustiers is gorgeous.
Pont du Gard is a fun thing to see and tick off the list - someone else mentioned that there is a campsite right before the entrance to the Pont Du Gard park which you have to pay a fairly hefty price to get into, even if you just want to picnic near the bridge. If you are parked up in the campsite (think it is called La Sousta or similar) and you have bikes, you can cycle along the river and into the park without having to pay! We liked this campsite - got a nice pitch next to the river (drive in, head towards the water and along to the left - there was a cluster of Calis here!) Good pizza and Rosé.
Saint Remy de Provence is a stunning little town to visit with an epic campsite called Mon Plaisir, walking distance from the town centre which is full of galleries, little boutiques and lovely bars and restos. Possibly the most manicured campsite I have ever seen!
And of course, dont forget Haute Provence (I am biased as we live up in Briançon!), but the Alps are so beautiful this time of year - bursting with flowers and if you like kayaking/canyoning/rafting, this is the right time to do it. Also much cooler at night up here and very quiet - not many tourists around yet.
Just to clarify re. what I wrote above.... Pont du Gard, you have to pay to get into the park, even for a picnic. If you stay at the campsite, which is immediately before the P du G, you can sneak in on a bike along the river without having to pay!
Try the Ardeche Gorge. Many campsites along it and fantastic views. Start at St Martin, collect your canoes and have a great 2 days coming down the Gorge.
You will find untouched nature , rivers , gorges , far far less people , much lower prices , Mediterranean weather in the upper Ceze Valley .
Just to clarify re. what I wrote above.... Pont du Gard, you have to pay to get into the park, even for a picnic. If you stay at the campsite, which is immediately before the P du G, you can sneak in on a bike along the river without having to pay!
campsite is it? I am heading that way next week.
Try the app camper contact , it will show you every campsite in the area...with pictures ... there's a very nice municipal campsite about an hour away from point du gard in Besseges , I'm near there at the moment , that one is on the Ceze river and there's a lovely restaurant on the river opposite . It's going to be extremely hot next week in the area , around 35 to 40 c in the sun or more . Expect some big thunderstorms too .
I have the ACSI Camping Card app but its always great to go somewhere on recommendation.
For around 11 years we have a house in Gard , department 30, my partner works here , before she worked in Valcluse department 84 , so we know the area very well . You have two basic South of France choices both areas are great but so different. Dept, 84 is much more touristic, perhaps quaint and more sophisticated , and much more people . Dept 30 , particularly in the Upper Ceze Valley is far more untouched rugged nature and space . There are plenty of campings , we don't use them here as we have a house here. We wouldn't hestitate in saying we prefer Dept 30 , because we love nature , but perhaps the best plan would be try both , they are only 90 mins apart for the key places . If you like more exact tips and places message me your number and I'll call you ....
Hi All,

Off to Provence on Monday and wondered if someone could give me some pointers. Research on the internet is second best to hearing of peoples experience in my opinion.

A few years ago we drove from San Remo in Italy right along the south coast of France and into Perpignan in Spain. Fantastic trip in a Land Rover and used an Oz-Tent which is a great piece of kit but not as great as a Cali!

This time we are looking to wander around and see Provence “inland” away from the hustle and bustle of the coast. Can anyone recommend any campsites or places to visit.

Hi we visited Provence last summer. Not in our Cali so no campsite recommendations. A beautiful little town up in the hills with great views worth a day trip to is Gordes. Enjoy your trip.
Well that's it, we're off in the morning! Thanks to everyone for their help and advice, it has been much appreciated.

I have planned the trip on Autoroute but won't put it on here as the chances of us sticking to it are somewhere between remote and non existent. Really looking forward to it now.

I will finish this thread off on our return and let everyone who has been so helpful know where we ended up visiting and our thoughts.

Thanks again.

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