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Brandrup Iso-Top - Fixing in place?



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T5 SE 140
Hi All,
I'm looking for a little advice...
I'm considering getting an Iso-Top for my Cali (2015 SE) (the kids get a little cold up top and they may sleep a little longer...).
I notice that there is a run of velcro already around the cali roof (see picture).
Now, I've got a couple of questions...
1) Is this evidence of a previous owner having already installed one and removing before sale?
2) Has this saved me a job with application of this aspect or do you think I need to remove before installing? i.e. will the finish be loose because it is 'used' velcro?
Thanks a lot!
Looks like you’re right and that someone had one in before. If I were you I’d give it a go with the one that’s there and if there’s a problem the change it. I can’t see why there would be though as it’s got decent glue on it so would be a bit of a faff to get it off and clean up anyway.

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