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Cali Dogs



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1. Tess - Calitess
2. Sophie - Martin
3. Fuller - Ron
4. Rosie - mkrw
5. Jack & Bess - John
6. Jagger, Ronni, Keef - California 180
7. Ollie, Annie & Cody - alf 170
8. Daisy & Murphy - Calikev
9. Harley - T5WOB
10. Sam - Rich F & Jude
11. Toby- swaleuk
Any more?
Originally posted by Martin

I will start off, here is Sophie!

She loves travelling in the cali and comes everywhere with us, the only bit she did not enjoy on our last trip was being in the kennels on the ferry!

She also loves sitting outside the van and yapping at everyone that walks past!


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Original post by calitess

Our Cali is registered after my nickname BooPem

ALL Calis exist to carry us dogs & occasionally our humans

My travel bed is between the 2 front seats



Not forgetting my servants Linda & Paul

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Original post by Ron

Right then, we have 8 Cali Dog members enrolled so far.

I'll try and keep on top of this and maintain a register of all our Cali Dogs and their servants :
Original post by Alf170

As posted elsewhere as hadn't seen this part, 3 collies, Ollie, Annie and Cody.

Still trying to work out how to put pictures on but 2 reds and one black and white cross. The smaller red is deaf so ignores the 'get off the chair' command!! Inka covers now on and dad is relaxed again.
SimplyDubs said:
She sleeps on the bed "downstairs" next to me whilst Helen and Alexandra snooze in the loft!

Same as my set up Mark, I am always downstairs with the dog and missus and daughter upstairs, only problem is I always have to do the last 'wee' walk with the dog at night and first in the morning!

Welcome to the forum by the way...
Original post Ron

Fuller my Scottie has just come back from the hairdressers and looks very smart after having a short back and sides.

Original post alf170

And cracked the picture posting thing so here's one of the kids. It was howling a gale at the top of a munro so hence they looked a bit hacked off and normally floppy ears stood up! They loved the run up though!

Original post Calikev

Great looking trio there
Do you take all 3 camping with you?
Original post alf170

Thanks and yes all 3 come with us. They were one of the reasons to get the Cali. We also tow a small 2 berth caravan for extended stays in the hills. The Cali gives us the option of quick overnighter or weekend away if we come down late from a walk and need some hot scoff etc.

By the way, is Daisy a blue merle? Almost bought one to make a 4 pack!! Lovely colouring.
Original post Calikev

Yes daisy is a blue merle. We had her as a puppy she is now 6
Nutty as a fruitcake. She came from a real working stock and is mental,she bites trees
And car tyres and does not like the lead at all.she likes to run and run.
Murphy on the other hand is an American cocker spaniel we rescued.he belonged to a restaurant owner and spent all his life outdoors living off food scraps,we have had him 2 years now a few little ear and skin problems but he is ok now,completely opposite to daisy
Just plain lazy but wouldn't change either of them they love the Cali
Original post alf170

Ah the joys of lunatic hounds. The little red is a deaf rescue collie from interbred farming stock, and has OCD to boot which proves entertaining at times. THe doggy trick cyclist reckoned 6 months to train her to get in a car and stay there without wrecking the suspension with 'cornering'. Took us a week to cure her but still likes to have an unbalanced moment leaping around eating earth and showing off. Looks distressing but she comes back when she notices the hand signals. Her original rescuer keeps in touch and came to an agility demo the Agility Club did for the Blue Cross to help them get people understand deaf dogs can be rewarding, just takes a bit more effort and patience but hugely rewarding - just she thinks she's more human than dog and does so play the deaf card when it suits but always sems to know when there's treats in the offering.
Yes we looked into Cali Dog University its a difficult one. :? :?:

You want the best for your Cali dog but it is such a financial commitment now that you have to pay tuition fees. We would have to remortgage our Cali if we send our dog. :(

Then you don't know whether your Cali Dog will drop out before the end of their course. Or even if they finish the course will they be able to get a Cali dog job in this financial climate. :roll:
Very disappointed :roll: just been on a long walk with Jack for a good Man to Dog talk. All he wants to do is tear around the farm chasing Rabbits (when he is not chasing girl dogs :p ) then eat and sleep a lot :(

Teenage Dogs what can you do :roll:

Looks like Cali Dog University is off.

Original post mikecr

Here is Whistler, our 6yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback.

He must be the best catered for dog on this site - he gets the whole downstairs bed for travelling and sleeping....while we either squeeze around him or sneak upstairs...


Ron said:
She's a lovely looking Cali Dog :)

Thanks Ron...her little sister (a merle) will join us in the new year.

Also know Harley (Martins fenchie), one of the most chilled out dogs I've ever seen... Harley that is, not Martin (T5 WOB)