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Chelmsford Van Centre


Terry Ibrahim

VIP Member
CHELMSFORD van centre,
Over a year I have made 13 phone calls to this dealer about the corrosion on my roof, Every time I call, the body shop says someone will get back to me, or receptionist will call me back. Over a year and I am still waiting.

BEADLES Dartford.
Two years after I bought my California I've taken it in for four wheel alignment as outside of my Tyers was wearing out. They said I hit the curb and bend the wheel arms. ( how can you prove you didn't) so they replace them ( you guessed it, not covered under warranty). One week after they fixed it I took it back, as the steering wheel was off centre, they suposedley fixed it, but still not right, they answer is, nothing wrong with the steering wheel, I under inflate my tyers. I said I always do it to the Gide on inside the door, they said because van is heavy I should pump higher than what it says on the Gide, Clearly to them VW Gide on the door is wrong. I use my California on daily basis and on my own. Now I inflate Tyers higher psi than high settings. Unfortunately I had to change my Tyers 8 times in five years, and they are still saying nothing is wrong, I under inflate my Tyers. My California is 5 years old with 48000 mile on the clock. Also they checked my Corrosion, saying it needs to be done under warranty however VW not giving them much money so they can only book in for next September (2020) not earlier. Surely this can't be right.

Not a happy Person.