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couple of oddities??



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Just been up in the Highlands (note no midges yet), but had a couple of questions that would be nice to have an answer for:

The van makes the occasional melodic bong for no very obvious reason... I think only when the sound system is on, it is the VW sat nav fitted version, not sure if it might be TP dropping in and out... is there a way to stop the alerts if that is indeed the cause??

Also, looking up at the roof in the roof tent bit, there are 4 little black ring eyes that look like they might be intended for a mess holder thing or similar? Would be useful if such a string bag existed, but I have not seen one when trawling Brandrup etc??

Thanks for any info!
The rings in the roof are to hold the child safety net I think.
The 'bong' could be a warning that you have reached a preset speed. On mine when you scroll round the screens on the multifunctional display there is one titled speed warning or something similar. (set to "---" for me). Does it always happen at a certain speed?
No I have had that noise, more of a ching than a bong!! This one seems unrelated to any obvious thing I am doing, and it doesn't give any sort of warning anywhere (unlike the speed one!)

All a bit weird frankly!
Did you have something on the passenger seat? I think mine had bonged when it thought something on the passenger seat was a passenger without a seat belt!
Mostly my wife or me!! But belted up all the time......
Thanks for all the hints.... but no we have had the temp one and it is of the ching variety!!

cheers! Keep up the ideas please!
I've had chat loud 'bong' just recently. The TP dropping out sounds a likely explanation - I didn't understand what it was at the time and it only happened once. It's nothing to do with satnav since we don't have that. All I can suggest to stop it is to switch the TP off.

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