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Crackling sound and the saga continues.

I've a very similar, if not the same noise, coming from my roof...above drives head. It's intermittent for me, but seems to disappear on a very warm day, I'm assuming the expansion in some way masks it, but living in the UK we don't get many warm days, so it's there. It's been into the garage a few times and they can't hear it...they've cleaned and lubricated the seal this time stating thjat there's now no noise however, on the drive home from the garage it was there....mines a T6.1 (21 plate) California Oceon. Would be really interest to know @Toby of Duky. to understand if you've managed to get yours sorted and if so how

Hellow, I don’t know how or if member Toby of Duky solved it (hope so) but I did all the searching for it and gave it to my dealer and got mine solved ;)
Hi, with the information provided by @calibusjemy the VW dealer has sent my video to VW for further advice.
I did have to take it in to be looked at by the Mechanics. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he had seen my video and read this thread before hand.
So, I’m currently waiting for VW to get back to me. I’ll update this thread as it unfolds.
Received a reply today from VW:
VW Technical have not heard of this issue before……
Garage want my van for 3 days to fix the issue.
Let’s see how they get on and I’ll then give an update
I got my 6.1 in July last year and had what I thought was a rattle/squeak from inside the A pillar. I was on the point of removing the trim when I found that putting my finger on the trim where it meets the dash stopped the noise. Small piece of card inserted in the gap where the red arrow is totally fixed it.

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Também resolvi esse problema dessa maneira. :)