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Enduroshield Autoglass - High Performance Rain Repellent



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Hi All

I don't know if anyone else is using this but I find it really useful. It allows rain to roll off your windscreen. At speeds of 45mph and above you pretty much don't need your wipers even in hard rain making for much better vision.

It is not for everyone. My Dad does not like it as he things the water beads blowing up the windscreen are hypnotic but I don't notice that now.

If you have used products like RainX it is similar but much more effective and much much easier to apply.

you can get it here ... 181&sr=1-1

It was about the first "mod" I did to my Cali and after 10 months it does need doing again which reminded me to tell you all about it. My view is that it is a vital safety feature in the rain not that we have seen much of that have we! :headwall