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Eurotunnel - out of high season - why book a return and what's the point of flexiplus?



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Two questions for the price of one today. :)

We're off across to Europe soon (yes I know we're in it but I'm from Yorkshire so everywhere is foreign ;)).

Anyway, we won't know when we're coming back until the weather turns cool in Italy, so why should I purchase the return leg until a couple of days before we decide to wend our way home when I'll know the date and time (roughly). We'll be travelling during the week.

Also - flexiplus - I don't get it unless it's high season - or maybe I'm missing the point. £200+ each way against well under £100 on standard fares. Duh! It's not like you'd use the lounge, we have a lounge on wheels and I'm guessing it's not a champagne bar like the frequent flyer airline lounges.... Not that we would dream of getting my money's worth at one of those...:rolleyes:
Waste of time for us with mobile lounges :)

If you travel frequently it's worth looking at the frequent tunneller tickets.

It costs £43 each way for a minimum of 10 legs - £430 to be used in a year. Then each time that you travel it's £11 supplement for an over 1.85m vehicle and £20 if you travel peak. Anytime of year, it does not matter, I returned for £43 + £11 on the 18th July - High season.

I also amend my booking frequently with no surcharge, up to the morning of departure.

At the moment we're probably once or twice a year merchants, so the frequent traveller doesn't really stack up. I'll just stick to booking singles I think.
Flexiplus is great at busy times as gets you straight on the next train (we never bother with the lounge), waste of money at others. You'll be fine booking a day or so ahead if travelling out of season