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Gas regulator seal

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Hi all

I appear to have lost the seal that goes around the male mounting point between the gas regulator and the brass valve that connects to the 907 cylinder.Just to be clear, I'm missing the seal in the regulator end and not the ones on the brass valve. A trip to various merchants finds something similar but not the quite the same diameter or thickness. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement please?

Thank you
Ah, now that I look at the pictures of the components you have pointed out in the club shop I think I was originally mistaken! Doesn't look like there is a seal after all, it just appeared, to my eyes at least, that there should be! I now realise that what I really need is the replacement seal for this part:

Are they available anywhere?

Gok seal.JPG
I’d ditch that tap adapter and get a campingaz 32410 regulator that directly connects the cylinder to the pipe. It avoids all that faffing to get the position right and any risk that it’ll jam the lid of your gas locker.
This has happened to me smell of gas was not sure there should be a seal or not mus be when i pull out the bottle to use with safari chef bbq. so now need a solution. Would rather get a new seal to keep it original feel price bit steep to replace whole item. May go down the route of adding quick release as tend to cook more with safari chef than hob. but stil would like to locate a correct washer aswell.
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