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Howdy from a newbie in Northern Ireland !

Hello everybody,

After 8 years of driving a VITO Marco Polo we defected from Mercedes to VW and bought a 2011 Cali 180 DSG7 Auto in Decembre 2014 on a french website. We took it back to UK last September, Northern Ireland to be precise, as our main car. So we are browsing the WWW sites to familiarise ourselves with our Cali called SE over here but Comfortline over there as the manuals are in french and of no use to my hubby ! As to me, I can speak french but can not understand the technical wording - which also make me useless to my husband !!
Anyway, can anyone suggest campers friendly sites in Northern Ireland, beautiful scenery, by the water which are open at Easter ?
Thanks for your contributions and looking forward to reading yous all !
Hi and welcome ,
This could be intresting as some here are thinking just the other way arround you did.....swapping from VW to MB

As for the problem with the manual , think you can download the Englisch version on the forum if you become a VIP member
hello and welcome Moria
It will be interesting to hear your reflections.
Do please give us a comparison to the Marco Polo and the California
I wouLd be very interested .
Some here have said Mecedes treat you like a luxury car owner , while VW treat you like a works van driver!

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