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Ikea alex kitchen pod DIY



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I've posted a couple of times little pieces about my self made IKEA Alex kitchen pod, but I thought I make a separate topic as the information right now is scattered everywhere.

The base I started from is this one
It's 36cm wide, 59cm deep and it works in 7 seater mode. The height is more or less the height of the California table.
I've shortened some of the drawers to allow for a mini sink to be installed. Shortening the drawers means some sawing and using a multi tool to recreate the shapes for the back, not too hard.
Water sink and tap system I used is this one
The a campa stove which fits perfectly in the first drawer but can be taking out for camping:
Second drawer is used for cuttlery and some otherstuff
Third drawer stores all plates, cups, cooking pans
Bottom two drawers are no longer drawers, which allowed me to save a lot of space for the water containers (can now be stacked next to one another) and so about half the bottom space is available for storing stuff.
I've added USB charger socket, 12v socket in the back for the fridge and leisure battery tester (all from ebay)
The drawers are using magnets to prevent them from opening while driving.
I've glued rubber anti-slip-anti-vibration pieces (used for underneath free standing speakers) below the waeco and it doesn't slide around anymore, will do the same for porta potti.

It works quite well. At night we move the fridge on to of the kitchen unit so we can make up the bed and this is about a disadvantage - it can be heavy to lift when full. Also the sink is small and not usable for washing pots and pans, but it's perfect for washing hands, brushing teeth, and taking water for cooking. We use a small bowl to do the dishes or the camping facilities.

About EUR 250-300 total price.


















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WOW! Bravo!

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Nice idea with magnets!
I've made some mods to the rear so it sits closer to front seat over the b-pillar.
Can't fit with a double bench storage box otherwise. I didn't want it for the sink but for extra storage.
It takes insane amounts of stuff in and so easily accessible and tidy managed. Laptops, kindles, dslr with lots of lenses, cooking supplies, food, dishes etc. ;)
Mounted 2kw invertor, 4 usb and, 3 12v sockets on it.
Initially wanted to secure the drawers with some turning mechanical switches but going to put some neodymium magnets instead.
So thanks for the great "Alex" idea Zeratul.
Hi Sp0_0k,

Would love to see some pictures of how you mounted the invertor, usb and 12v sockets. Also if you have a picture of the bottom adjustment to fit the b-pillar better, I'd like to see it. I also thought about it to limit the space between the back of Alex and the side panel as well as the space between Alex and the seat, but I managed to find good use for the space now and in a 3seater beach, there's more than enough room anyway due to the shorter bed.
Good work, I've just finished my own Alex, pretty similar to yours I think. The only differences at the moment is that I've used a slightly larger sink in the top ( which does mean the cooker doesn't fit in the top drawer). I don't plan on cooking in the van anyway for safety with a travel gas cooker, so will just stick this outside to boil the kettle.
Also I'm making some metal brackets to fit in the bottom of the Alex which the floor bolts bolt through, so they cannot pull out through the timber base of the Alex in the event of an accident.
My floor bolts are slightly different positions as I'm trying it in two positions, I quite like the idea of mounting it sideways under the window, so I've cut a corner out of the back side to allow it to bold neatly into the rails this way as well, I'll then try it in both and see which I prefer.

How do you feed your pipes into the tanks? Are they just through the holes cut in the top of the cap, and do you find they spill when driving or splash al over the inside of the unit?
Monkeytree, would love to see some pictures about your Alex as well !
The pipes are just through the holes cut in the top of the cap yes and no they do not spill or splash when driving.
I'll take some pics tomorrow hopefully if I get the plates made up.
Will put some finished pics of it once it is in the van, plates are still to go in the bottom. The cut out on the side allows it to sit back against the window tightly and I've got the piece cut out j could probably out back in somehow if I want to sit it behind the drivers seat(uk) in the more traditional position.
The larger sink will definitely make it more useful to wash dishes etc.
Nice job.

While I originally planned to do this as well, it's fine the way it is with the small sink. It's mostly used for brushing teeth or taking some water. Washing is done at campsite's facilities or in a collapsible bowl.
Good point, though same is easy for brushing teeth.
Maybe I just don't have much experience with cali camping but can't justify carrying 30l grey water canister.
I went for the slightly larger sink to make it easier for the kids to wash their hands, I don't really plan on washing up much, just hand washing and maybe filling the kettle / rinsing cups. Only got 10 litre tanks so will see how long they last...
Finished now. The bolts go through the metal brackets, which also fix to the sides of the IKEA unit to make it stronger.


I've dropped the magnets idea in the end. And very happy with this secure mechanical solution. Note the white switches for each drawer.
Also a very handy idea I came with, to put some clothes on the roof for quick access.
Not sure if anybody using this method.
It is just 2 belts mounted over the bed.

Finally had the time to implement my fix for the fridge. Cut a little hole out of Ikea Alex bottom right back corner. Now Alex can be moved 8cm more towards the drivers seat, and there's exactly enough place to store and leave the Waeco CF35 even when the bed is made! No more fridge moving around, and still room for table, porta potti etc. Really happy with the result.

Only minor disadvantage is that the driver seat can now only rotate 90 degrees (facing inward or outward, not 180). But that's not a problem at all.



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I just assembled the Alex. It is a heavy unit even without stuff inside. My way of using it will be to carry it to the van when needed, ie sometimes once a week. I think it is too heavy and cumbersome to use this way.
I can understand that point. I only do it once every month or so. I put it a rolling furniture mover on wheels.
But even Maxxcamp compact (made our of lightweight ply) is recommended to be carried in/out by two persons.
I tend to leave mine in all the time as the van is plenty big enough with it in. Once you've removed the bottom couple of drawers and take the water tanks out first it is a bit lighter. I'm now thinking of building a smaller unit though that would sit on the other side ( door side ) of the van instead which would be lighter and easier to get in and out if required
Zeratul, this is the perfect solution to my needs for my T4 Caravelle 1994, used as a Day Van

we are campers, and I have the T5 removable table, and want a simple Pod like the Reimo one

I cant translate the web page where you got your sink, tap, pump, etc - are you able to find me an email address so that I can enquire if they will ship to the UK please
Zeratul, this is the perfect solution to my needs for my T4 Caravelle 1994, used as a Day Van

we are campers, and I have the T5 removable table, and want a simple Pod like the Reimo one

I cant translate the web page where you got your sink, tap, pump, etc - are you able to find me an email address so that I can enquire if they will ship to the UK please
Their email is
Can't you just use Google translate:

Hi. I now have my parts and will build soon. Did I read somewhere that you were moving the water containers outside ? I see the "James" unit has containers between the unit and the seat back. What have you done ?