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Internal or External blackout or thermal blinds?



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Hi All

So after purchasing my new Cali in September I have been 'making do' with the factory supplied curtains for the front but they can be very frustrating........

So I'm looking at both blackout and thermal blind sets, internal and external. Any advice as to which way to go would be appreciated!

I have heard internal blinds can attract condensation and external blinds can be a pain when you have had wet weather.

As always if this has been discussed somewhere else on here I apologise

Hi I use the brandrup internal blinds they dont stop condensation completely they really
Help more of a steam up rather than wet condensation. If that makes sense .I store them flat in the roof :thumb
I have just returned from 8 days in Scotland. I used my "indoor blinds" once and had more water flowing down the inside of the van than flowing down the outside.

I used my Comfortz external screens the rest of the time. Excellent. A brilliant piece of kit. No condensation, total blackout, helped the van retain warmth.

Thoroughly recommended.

Downside: In very high winds, if the winds shift or you do not get the van efficiently parked (arse into the wind in other words) they can flap around. I only noticed this phenomena twice, both times in wind speeds of 80mph +
Calikev said:
Hi I use the brandrup internal blinds

How easy are these to put up compared with the VW ones?
Easier in my opinion. They come with Velcro you stick the long piece of Velcro to the very top edge of the windscreen and attach the blind to it. The side windows come with little Velcro dots
To fit to the door frame and the blinds have little tags to attach. Very easy and they store flat in the roof :thumb
I did a big long reply to this yesterday, but clearly didn't hit send.

Here are the highlights!

I think you have hit the pros and cons in your original post:

VW blinds - small easy to pack away - and if you like them you like them (we like them)

3rd Party Blinds - provide more insulation, bigger to store, get wet when raining and then need storing wet. Think most will fit in the tailgate in one of the seats.

Condensation depends on lots of things - number or people/pets in the van breathing, leaving a window ajar for ventilation, weather (moisture and temperature) - we travel with 4 people and often a dog - and we do get condensation on the front screen with the VW blinds, however it is not a big deal - we normally just pack up with all the windows open, and wipe the screen with one of those chamois sponges before we set off.

Last VW meet I was at was about 60/40 in favour of 3rd party blinds - but there were loads of different options....
The factory windscreen blinds are OK, their main purpose seems to be mopping up the condensation, after use though!!.

When camping, and especially in cold weather we use the Comforts thermal screen cover - And we've tested it in -20 in the french alps, and +40 in Spain. Winner no matter what the conditions, and no condensation.
I will admit we haven't tested the VW blinds down to -20 :D
teeboy said:
I will admit we haven't tested the VW blinds down to -20 :D

I don't think you'd want to. Mind you we just left the heater on constant on 1 and all was fine :thumb
I'm with Oli..

Superb bit of kit but I only got to -7 in Scotland. Heating though as with Oli, set to 1 and was more than warm. I was also trying out my new bed and bedding arrangements... very warm and comfortable.