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Internal Screen Cover



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Currently have an External Silver-screen cover. Which has been excellent.


However on the odd occasion I have used the internal front blind and magnetic side blinds.
I see an advantage in these, that I can still open my passenger and drivers door without interference.
With the wrap around cover, it limits access. You can open the doors, but need to remove the cover on the door you want to open.
Also think it’s another item that avoids getting wet if it rains.

So I’m looking for recommendations for insulated internal covers. What have you got and how do they attach...?
I use the internal magnetic door blinds together with a Brandrup external screen cover. It gives the flexibility but also insulates the screen. The Brandrup is basically foil bubble wrap.
We have used Brandrup Isolite internal blinds but not that impressed and use external insulated cover all the time now. The Isolite door covers fitted and worked well but the screen cover was a faff unfolding, sliding in and fitting to a velcro strip at top of windscreen. This strip came away and left a horrible sticky mess whilst we were in France using it in the day as a sunscreen.
I spotted the Brandup internal and wondered how they were fixed.
Possibly not the answer from what your saying.

I could possibly make my own. Get some air-foil from b&q and some material, cut to size.
I guess the front screen fixing on the inside is an issue...
@Billylou , have you been reading the new posts just thismorning someone posted a link to what seems a good product for your needs....