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Just gone and bought another camper.



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T4 PopTop
Don’t get me wrong the T4 is fantastic, and we certainly did find it great for traveling together, just wanted more space and faster setup pack up. On a personal level, having the separate toilet and shower will suit us as we do a lot of wild camping.
I suppose it’s just the next evolution of us camping.
I understand you. For us there are also solutions for everything: Porta potti (We also do wild camping and are rarely on a campsite) insulating inner lining for the poptop and there is also a powerful heating. The set up for sleeping and the one in the morning is a matter of agreements: each has its few tasks and if you are attuned to each other, this runs very smoothly and quickly. A larger campervan would add nothing for us but each his idea about this and especially his experience.
We too will evolve, but to not higher, wider and longer; rather to more horsepower, air conditioning while driving and the inside table at the kitchen unit, the 2 chairs in the tailgate and the outside table in the sliding door.
Your solution is a bigger campervan and that is fine. Have fun with yours!
EDIT: I'm even going to miss you here.
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