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Retro fitting LED DRL lights



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Has anyone done it themselves?

Was admiring some on a T5 this weekend and figure this is my next upgrade.

Hazzy days will fit them for £575 + VAT, they can be bought as a primed unit for £299 inc vat, but they'll need to be colour matched and I figure £100 for a bodyshop to paint them.

However, are they an easy DIY fit? We have front parking sensors and I have a feeling there's a sensor in each of the existing panels that would need to be re-fitted into the new panels.

Might just be worth getting hazzydayz to fit them in a month or so, but interested in any views???
I've just fitted them myself but I haven't got the front parking sensors. The wiring is simple enough, just a bit fidley around the main lights. The cost me £90 to get them painted.
Quick update;

Just checked with my local dealer, cost for fitting including painting and labour is £449 including VAT, so I'll be booking it in for end of the month :thumb
Not a bad price. :thumb Would like to see a photo of them when they're fitted.
Booked in for tomorrow....finally

Will post up the post op pics. :lol:
I saw a black combi with factory Xenon's which have built in LED DRL, and this bumper style DRL kit. Must say it looked really cool!!
Had it done, really chuffed with the look.

Work commitments mean I haven't had 5 minutes to take a picture!!! Will try and post up at the weekend.