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Sold my T5



T5 SE 140
As the thread title states, after almost 4 years of ownership I decided to put it on the market and, much to my surprise, it was sold in 2 days. Many reasons here, I bought it for a great price during spring 2016 and sold it for more during autumn 2019, this means 4 years of hassle-free holidays (total about 18 weeks - if I had rented one, I would have paid about EUR 14000 in rent = nice saving!). Money spend during ownership: EUR 2500 (EUR 900 in Brandrup accessories: Iso Top for roof, Iso materials for front window and front side window - much better than standard stuff from VW - leather seat storage pockets) and balance on maitainance/repairs (tap broke down, profile from roof compartiment broke) and tyres. Earnings on rent to friends at attractive price for them: EUR 3600.
The fact that it is currently hyped seems to have been in my favour.
Other factors that made me bit the bullet:
-fragility of all California things: cabinet sliding doors, roof compartiment box, roof lamp, chances to have roof canvas trapped between elevating system, control unit, etc
-uncertainty future diesel engine
-not using it enough vs cost ratio (driving a small hybrid car as my daily car)
-children growing (18 & 15 now)

Will I buy one again in the future ? Second hand with a good discount, possibly, but at an age with much more free time than I have now. New at catalog price, never.
Did I like it ? Sure, but the fragility and flimsiness of a lot of the California parts is not on par with the price you pay in my opinion, although the whole concept is pretty unique & unrivaled.

What I liked the most on California travelling is the improvisation factor: go where you want when you want but after lots of thinking I realized that you can do practically the same thing with a normal spacious car, a roof tent, a gas bottle/stove, a portable fridge that fits on both electric circuits and a bike rack for a fraction of the price of a Cali.

Conclusion (for me personally): the VW California is a high tech van that is favouring adventurous travelling that cost me nothing during 4 years and a great inspiration on how to travel in the future with or without it.

Finally I wish to express my gratitude to this forum and the generously contributing members for the absorbed inspiration !

See you on the road :thumb
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T5 SE 174
Earnings on rent to friends at attractive price for them: EUR 3600.
My earnings on that would be 0.
But I'm a friendly person. :)
Why not do it again instead of talking about cars and roof tents?