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T4 Westfalia Useful Information

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Re: Useful Westfalia T4 links

Replacement bendy arm'd lights: ... 2ebb4fafa6

I am looking at replacing the fluorescent bulbs with LEDs in the rear of my T4 Westfalia. I have been going around in circles on the forum and the Internet. Is there a definitive answer on the LED replacement bulb for the 2 lights in the rear? Part number, supplier and a difference between the 2 lights.? Hope you can help and point me in the right direction.
I thought Dan had sourced these?
I looked into it, but decided to stick with the fluorescent bulbs for now. There's a thread somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.
Hi 2135, I'm new and looking to buy a Westfalia t4 2002, could you help! I've been doing my research now for 15 months and I wanted to know if you had or you know anyone who has any experience of 25Seven Campers?
They are up near Birmingham. Any guidance or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you