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Tyre pressure plate/sticker...



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Brussels, Belgium
T4 PopTop
Ok, so i have the new tyres on, so far so good, but haven't really given them a good run out yet.

I'm conscious though that i've gone with a 'not so normal' tyre size.

The size stated in the C.o.C. is 195/70R15, but because i put the BBS 16" rims (where the normal tyre size would be 225/60R16 or 205 or 215) and because of the Belgian authorities only allowing tyre size to fluctuate (i think less than 2%) from the stated in the C.o.C., none of those usual 16" sizes fell within the tolerance.

So... I've ended up with 195/65/R16 with the correct load/speed rating. But of course this size isn't mentioned on the tyre pressure sticker inside the drivers side door.

Because i replaced this sticker to show the pressures for the old 225/60R16 that came with the wheels, i don't have the 'original' tyre pressure sticker that came with the van.

Would anyone be so kind to send an image (which also should show the part number) for the sticker of a 2001 California Coach that had the original 15" wheels - or does anyone have a sticker showing 195 size tyres?

I know this thread is a bit long winded, but thanks ;-)