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VW stopping taking orders for Californias until mid next year (in Ireland at least)



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Just got this update from the dealer in Ireland that I ordered my California from at the end of April. Original ETA was March 2022. I guess it’ll be May 2022 now. Good thing we didn’t delay in placing our order…
We have just received news from Volkswagen Ireland regarding production of California’s T6.1.

With ongoing COVID – 19 restrictions and problems COVID – 19 is causing your order has been pushed back by approx 2 months.

I know this is not the news you wanted to hear but this is completely out of my control and we have only been informed of this.

With these problems caused by COVID – 19 there are no further orders been accepted until at least this time next year.

If this is ok with you I will have to let Volkswagen Ireland ASAP so they can inform the factory.
Last day for orders for delivery this year was today at my dealer in the West Midlands.
Slight difference here.
Mehdime, " there are no further orders being accepted until at least this time next year "
Jabberwocky " last day for orders for delivery this year was today "

I think someone has already posted a while back that all build slots for this year had already been allocated.
We ordered in Ireland on 2 Jan 2021, and initially told April, then week 23, 25, 36 and now week 50. The reason from VW Commercial Ireland is outlined in DM Twitter message on 11 June may explain country ques. ;

From VW: "Hi Ann Marie, as a larger market, the UK will receive a higher number of production slots allocated, and as a result of the issues above, the factory have been unable to allocate the Irish market additional slots to accommodate the extra demand. However, we appreciate your frustration and take your feedback on board."
From Me: "Now we got a call from our VW dealer and told our build week is now week 50!!! still not fair that Please explain how UK orders that were placed after ours are getting through quicker?

From VW: "Hi Ann Marie, the build weeks are not dictated by the markets themselves. As previously mentioned, the UK will naturally receive a higher number of production slots allocated, which will also be pushed out due to COVID-19, the global semiconductor shortage and increased demand. These are also the issues that have resulted in the factory being unable to offer additional production slots to the Irish market. Again, we appreciate your frustration and apologise for the inconvenience."

As as result we have bought a VW t4 to keep us going over the summer and have kept the Beach on order but are considering changing to Coast. At least we are back on the road as had sold our T25 on the promise that the new van would be delivered in April. We now believe there is a reason for this delay and the universe wants us to reconsider what it is we need in a van. so will use this time to ensure we get the van we want.

Ordered: VW Dealer, Limerick, Ireland on 2/01/2021, California Beach SWB 150 HP 2.0 TDI 6sp Manual, Candy White/Bay Leaf Green Metallic, Silver Awning, Tinted windows in the passenger compartment, Programmable parking heater (air) with radio remote control and auxiliary heater (coolant). Still waiting, now build week 50! :)
Just to provide a bit of insight, and context to @ceolgra 's post.

Manufacturers have pretetermined build-slots for each country and market. This is driven off a number of factors, ultimately to ensure that they get the best profit margin / market gains aligned to their strategy. That allocation gets set 18 months prior. It's also why COVID has had such a huge impact on delivery times, due to the allocated manufacturing slots being an 18 months lag time.

In this instance, the UK likely had a greater allocation due to a number of factors:
1. Market value.
2. Exchange rate.
3. Country size.
4. Dealer network.

A number of calculations are applied to the big data the different manufacturers hold, including website clicks on configurators, in-show room enquiries, and obviously - placed orders. The manufacturers then extrapolate that data based on exchange rate, cost to manufacture, cost to ship, cost to support (warranty, dealer network etc) and make the extremely calculated decision to offier the vehicle to that market and if so, the price and slots.

The justification could be a number of things, including (but not limited to):
1. What markets generate the biggest profit margin, once all costs are considered (shipping, insurance, future maintenance, dealer network etc).
2. What markets will absorb the highest orders (having a limited order book is far better than having an order book with slots to spare).
3. What markets are they looking to grow (either to attract new interest or reclaim/reinforce market share from competitors)

Finally, the build queue needs to be considered - build slots relate to the capacity of the factory - divided up by the different models etc; for example, the Transporter and the California have very very very different market shares; as the data flows in from popularity of one to the other, the build volumes of each may vary, based on market demand.

In short, what you should find is that probably last summer during the annual analysis of production values and financial inputs, the strategy changed to adapt to 'stay-cations' and the (apparent at the time) increase in popularity of the California and similar models. VW would have assumed the market would attract new competition, and so would want to capitalise on it whilst they had a product that was ready versus others. So you'll find that come 2022's build slots, there'll be an increase globally of California build slots, and based on the market's individual demands, would be reallocated based on popularity.

Hope this helps put it in context. Ultimately @ceolgra , it's just a numbers game within their build planning, and IE is marked as a different market and there isn't an easy way around it.
Hi All,
We have only last week ordered and put down a 5k deposit from an Irish VW dealer a California ocean edition.
He told us that we could expect to have delivery by March 22. This to us seemed like a long wait, now after reading the above posts we are now not sure what's going on.
Our sales rep said he has our order into VW so does this mean we should be ok for March 22 with possibly 2 months delay?
I know that car salesmen can’t be trusted. But I’d like to believe that when they take a €5k deposit, they don’t lie about having placed the order. So you should be grand.

The March ETA is odd for sure. There one or two other Irish customers on this forum that reported a May 2022 ETA. In any case, I’m personally not holding my breath. If I get it to travel to see my mum for Christmas next year, I’ll be happy.
I called our salesman today to finalize our spec, i mentioned to him that i was hearing of long delays.
He said that i could have ours by March but then again it could be April, he just wont know until it goes further into VW system, he said he will update me each month.
he said he will update me each month.
If you could update us here when he does, it would be super. Who is your dealer? Mine is Bright commercial vehicles in Dublin 1. He told me that there would be no update on my order until it gets a build week allocated and that wouldn't be until the end of the year.
I ordered from Frank Keane , Liffey Valley
Really nice sales rep, with lots of patience (im sure i was driving him mad with my questions and spec changes)
He said it would be September by the time he would expect to start getting news back from VW and would update me each month from then.
Ill keep you posted if you keep me posted :)
Hi we have bought a t4 until the new van comes as we sold our old van. Told not to expect the beach til feb 2022. Now we are rethinking what we want and may change to a coast, has anyone does this.

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I ordered from Frank Keane , Liffey Valley
Really nice sales rep, with lots of patience (im sure i was driving him mad with my questions and spec changes)
He said it would be September by the time he would expect to start getting news back from VW and would update me each month from then.
Ill keep you posted if you keep me posted :)
Is now November - how is look now when is you camper arrive?
Hi Holidaymaker
We had a call recently from the sales rep and he told us build week 16 next year. Hopefully have it by June.