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What did you cook in your Ridge Monkey?

Does anyone have the new XXL version and know if it fits on the 2 burner hob ok?
cali kitchen.jpg
I like to cook my own bread at home, has anyone tried bread cakes from dough in the RM?
Sorry to be so long replying!
Its cold and wet in the Highlands so I have had a go at baking focaccia.
Sadly, I had no rosemary but it still tastes quite good. The texture is not as open as I would get in the oven!
6 oz flour, quick yeast, water, olive oil, salt. Mixed in a bowl with a spoon with no hand-kneeding, proved beside warm engine, cooked in RM ten minutes on each side.24690FE8-3503-41FD-8279-A214559B72F1.jpegDED27A53-7261-4BBC-9E06-6F59769A732C.jpeg4FF62CBD-A75A-41E9-927C-0D04FC6C6D1D.jpeg9A9BEA8C-0CD2-408D-8F4A-1C699C2F04C5.jpeg
My favourite things in it are; sausages, toasties, heating croissants and pasties, omelettes, toast, crumpets. I have tried a pie but it didn’t work - too stodgy for my liking. I think the key to RM success is unless you’re wanting to steam something, to keep some space around whatever it is you’re cooking and crack the RM open periodically to let steam out. Toasties are killer if using doorstop slices, put them in plain and stacked until the outsides are toasted, flip them over, insert filling (yesterday it was mature cheddar and home made red onion chutney) and toast the outside. Low and slow is the key I find for almost anything in the RM.
IMG_8240.jpegNot so much what (Toulouse style sausages) … but where … on the bank of the River Tay.