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Wheel Clamps with Palmerston Alloys



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Hi there! Does anyone have any experience with using a wheel clamp with Palmerston alloys? I’m heading away for a few weeks and wanted to get something like the Bulldog Euroclamp whilst the van is left on the drive, however I’m concerned as to whether the “spokes” have a wide enough gap to accommodate?

The alternative is a plate based clamp, but conscious they are bulkier, heavier, more expensive and more faff to fit! All of which I realise means more faff if someone were to attempt to illegally remove!

Thanks in advance!

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Are worried about the van being towed? If not just hide the key well, or take it with you, save the cost of a clamp.
stoplock pro on the steering wheel . spin the seats round. hide the keys well in the house. for driveway security i would consider some gates or one of those lockable drop down stumps.